Accumulation Terms Of Services


This contract is established between UAB Baltic Miners, Vilniaus r. sav., Zujūnų sen., Gineitiškių k., Upelio g. 2, Lithuania a company registered with Code ID 306025789 and fully owned and controlled by V.A. MINING RIGH INC., United States of America (the “Seller”)


The “Customer“.


The Customer purchases computing power parameterized to the investment made, UAB Baltic Miners grants the Cloud Mining service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, of different cryptocurrencies, returning the mining proceeds to the customer with the timing and methods chosen by him.


The Customer purchases one of the 3-6 years accumulation packaged services, which guarantee returns of a maximum amount as specified below:

• Accumulation period 3 to 6 years
– Year 1 Each Annual APY 30%
– Year 2 Each Annual APY 30%
– Year 3 Each Annual APY 30%
– Year 4 Each Annual APY 30%
– Year 5 Each Annual APY 30%
– Year 6 Each Annual APY 30%

The returns of accumulation period can’t be withdrawal by customer but with be used to calculate mining power during payment period.

• Payment period 3 to 6 years
– Year 1 Each Annual APY 35%
– Year 2 Each Annual APY 35%
– Year 3 Each Annual APY 35%
– Year 4 Each Annual APY 35%
– Year 5 Each Annual APY 35%
– Year 6 Each Annual APY 35%


The contract has a duration of the variable accumulation period chosen by the customer between 3 years and 6 years.

To the accumulation period is added a period of equal duration called “payment period” in which the customer receives the proceeds of the mining without making any further payments.

1) The Customer is authorized, starting from the end of the second year of the payment period, to resell the computing power purchased to UAB Baltic Miners, which will buy back said power in relation to the obsolescence of the computer mining hardware and the difficulty of cryptocurrency mining as indicated below.

• Hardware obsolescence 10% per year.

• Difficulty of extraction of 10% per year.

2) UAB Baltic Miners is allowed, to terminate the Cloud Mining crypto contract, rebuy the computing power purchased by the customer with the same parameters applied in the previous points and reduced by the application of a 50% penalty, in the following events:
– serious and proven conduct on the part of the customer such as, for example, untrue statements in the KYC, untrue statements concerning the application of referrals.
– any misconduct or unjustified defamation against our company.
This termination clause shall also apply in the event of non-acceptance of the general terms of service.


1) The Customer pays the Cloud Mining service in a single initial payment.
Payment for the Cloud Mining service can be made using the following methods: Bank Transfer, Credit Cards, PayPal, Tether USDT, Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH under the conditions indicated in the E-Commerce cart.
2) UAB Baltic Miners will pay the proceeds generated by mining in one of the following ways chose by customer:

• By the cryptocurrency chosen in your Cloud Mining plan sent to customer wallet or exchange address.
• By Bitcoin (BTC) sent to customer wallet or exchange address.
• By Tether (USDT) sent to customer wallet or exchange address.
• By Euro (€) or Dollar ($).
by SEPA bank transfer to customer bank account.

3) Baltic miners permit to subscribers to change some contract parameters such as: Crypto mined, terms of payments and method of payments.
This is possible to be done in mining dashboard for each single contract.
Please be aware that once you choose to be paid in Baltic Wallet with special 2.5% increase of revenue, its not possible to roll back this choice with another terms of payments.


The Customer, based on the deadline chosen for the payment of the generated profits, will receive from UAB Baltic Miners a granted extra profit calculated in relation with the amount of revenue generated in the related mining period from one payment to the next one.
Below we indicate the % of extra profit customer will earn:
• If payments will be done every 15 days = + 0%;
• If payments will be done every 30 days = + 1%;
• If payments will be done every 90 days = + 3%;
• If payments will be done every 180 days = + 6%;
• If payments will be done every 270 days = + 9%;
• If payments will be done every 365 days = + 12%.


UAB Baltic Miners guarantees to the Customer that computing power purchased will not be affected from any hardware or software fails.
To this end the equipment will be run in a specifically engineered facility that is technically designed to provide an uninterrupted service as much as possible.

The following criteria are for UAB Baltic Miners matters of particular care:
• Continuous Electric power supply;
• Continuous Internet connectivity;
• Continuous Ambient temperature (intake) of less than 15°C.

The service level can be affected only in case of force majeure events that are outside of the seller’s control.
This includes, but is not limited to, any climate adverse event like floods, lightning strikes, storms, earthquakes, etc. and any man-made unexpected events like strikes, civil disorders, war, governmental or court orders, curfews, etc.
The level of service granted by Baltic Miners is not related to the amount of mining revenues that may be reduced due to price reductions of the specific cyrptocurrency mined between the date of signing the contract and the date of release of the pending mining revenue.
The level of service granted by Baltic Miners is not related to the amount of mining revenues that may be reduced due to price increase of electric energy in Lithuania.
Our company, at the beginning of each quarter, verifies the price of electricity in Lithuania through the use of statistics compiled by independent parties such as the company and if the price at the end of the quarter is higher than the price at the end of the quarter, the mining income will be reduced proportionally accordingly.
The amount of income will be restored if there are negative changes in the price of electricity calculated using the same criteria.

The Customer agrees that the only channel to be used for service requests shall be by email to

Any other service requests made will be ignored.
UAB Baltic Miners will give response within a maximum of 24 hours in working days.


No failure by the seller to exercise any right or remedy under these Terms shall constitute a waiver of that or any other right or remedy.
This contract replaces any previous written or oral agreements and shall constitute the only enforceable agreement between the parties.
Any change or amendment to this terms of services can be accepted by customer during login procedure in mining dasboard.
If change or amendment to this terms of services will not be accepted by customer, UAB Baltic Miners has the option to terminate the contract according to the established procedures for early termination.
Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this terms of services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, and the responsible adjudication court shall be in Vilnius.


UAB Baltic Miners has its legal and operational headquarters in the Republic of Lithuania, therefore the proceeds of its customers’ cryptocurrency mining are subject to an annual tax of 15%.

This “GENERAL TERMS OF SERVICES” is accepted by the Customer through the subscription and online purchase of the Cloud Mining service, as shown in the E-Commerce cart and accepted in the new eventually versions by clicking on the online form when requested.
These “GENERAL TERMS OF SERVICES” in use are also visible in the last format accepted in the mining dashboard.


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