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Baltic Miners Bmft Promotion

Our BMFT smart contract has placed a particular protection for all investors in order to guarantee the long-term value of the token from possible speculative operations by whale investors.

But we at Baltic Miners do even more, we have made it possible and convenient to hold BMFT tokens in our Baltic Wallet & Exchange by making available a special liquidity pool in which a portion of the proceeds from our mining operations are invested on a monthly basis.
This has allowed us to grow the valuation of the BMFT exponentially since its launch and we have created the following different strategic promotions for holders that allow for further earnings.
Please note that the promotions are the exclusive property of our company and only modify the conditions of the basic smart contract in an ameliorative way.
Therefore, promotions may be activated or revoked at the sole discretion of our company and without notice.
In fact, investors will have to refer only to the parameters of the smart contract in their choices.

Active 02/12/2023

  1. 16% reduction or cancellation of the token purchase fee
  2. 20% reduction or cancellation of the token sales fee
  3. staking of the token with an increase in proceeds compared to those established by the smart contract
  4. fixed exchange value out of the market for a certain period of time