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What are our referral progams and how they can make you earn:

“Customers Referral Program” means an agreement whereby a person already enrolled in a program receives incentives if they recommend and succeed in getting other people enrolled in the same program. I am sure that when you tried a new place that you liked or a shop, the first move you made was to recommend it to friends or family. It is a referral, a recommendation, a practice that for many years has been known as “word of mouth”, the classic “bring a friend”.

Earning referral rewards is easier than ever.
If you didn’t before, simply Sigh Up on your private dashboard here and check your referral code and link, all the time you will recommend our mining plans and one or more of your friends will buy you will earn 5% benefit based on his investment amount.

This benefit can be used to buy one or more different mining plans wich will give you ten-year annuity with high crypto mining profits calculated on specific mining plans you will buy.

If you are sales specialist you can also be enrolled in our “sales specialist referral program” with different and enanced benefits, please contact us to get more information about this option.

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